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Lawrence Partnership Citizens Academy

The Lawrence Partnership's Citizens Academy is a 12-session program designed to educate residents about the inner workings of their local government. It's open to anyone who is curious about how government works and decisions are made. Through our programming you will be offered a deeper understanding into your local government. The series of forums will offer you insight into the work across a number of offices and agencies. The forums will kick off in 2022.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the following areas of local government:

  • The Mayor

  • The City Clerk 

  • The School Department

  • Budget & Finance

  • Economic & Business Development

  • Community Development & Housing

  • Police Department

  • Fire Chief

  • Department of Public Works

  • Council on Aging

  • Voting & Elections

  • Public Health

  • Library

April 14th
Citizens Academy Pictures

- The Lawrence Partnership Citizens Academy initiative started on April 14th, 2022, and has been a great success. Thus far, we have had the following speakers who have done a phenomenal job offering a deeper understanding of how their offices work and the resources available for the community. 

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