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Ray Gonzalez and CocoRay's: A Lawrence Renaissance is Born at the Revolving Test Kitchen

by Jennifer Wolcott, Merrimack Valley Magazine

College students standing in line at CocoRay’s Borinquen Taqueria may not realize the impact of their lunchtime choice. In addition to grabbing a quick bite between classes, they are contributing to a bold new experiment when they order their taco, quesadilla or burrito.

37-year-old Ray Gonzalez, the affable owner of CocoRay’s on the campus of Northern Essex Community College, is the lucky first participant in the Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK), a pop-up restaurant designed to build the community’s food industry and help revitalize downtown Lawrence.

With his local roots and three years’ experience as the owner of a popular taco truck, Gonzalez was an obvious choice for the Revolving Test Kitchen.


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