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April Update

This month the Lawrence Partnership made a public statement about immigrants, recognizing their positive impact on our companies, community and economy as a whole. In a community that was built with immigrant hands, whose factories were powered by immigrant labor, and is comprised of a population that continues to be made up of first and second generation immigrants, the acknowledgement that immigrants carry resilience, entrepreneurism, and work ethic is also a recognition that Lawrence is a community in possession of similar attributes.

The Lawrence Partnership's people-first economic development strategy is built on a similar premise: that our people are our greatest assets, and investment in them will yield the greatest return. Our newsletter this month is full of more stories of these investments--and their return--including impact from our Venture Loan Fund; opportunities for youth generated by the school turnaround; and new training programs for the next generation of skilled workers.

This month, we are also featuring some upcoming events and convenings, including resources for manufacturers, food-based businesses and companies looking for opportunities to scale.

Thanks for continuing to invest with us,

-- Derek Mitchell

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