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FeelGood Friday: Thank you to all Essential Workers from the Lawrence Partnership!

Welcome to FeelGood Friday: your local source for feelgood news out of Lawrence, MA! Every week we'll highlight a positive story focusing on Lawrence citizens, businesses, organizations, and institutions. Have a feelgood story you'd like to see shared? Let us know! Email us at or find us on Facebook and drop us a message! #LPFeelGoodFriday


This week we want to take a moment and send out biggest THANK YOU to every essential worker in our Lawrence community (and beyond)! To every nurse, doctor, medical personnel, grocer, emergency and first responder, and countless essential employees and organizations on the front lines doing every thing they can for our community - we recognize your extreme sacrifices and our gratitude for the work that you're doing cannot be expressed enough.

Shout out to our partners at Lawrence General Hospital and Greater Lawrence Family Health Center and their teams of doctors, nurses, and staff for their continuous work in keeping our community healthy during this time!

This weekend we challenge our community to show your THANK YOU for the essential workers in your life! Email us or visit our facebook page and share your #essentialworkerthankyou selfie or photo and make sure to tag or mention #theLawrencePartnership or #LPfeelgoodfriday for us to share!

Have a feel-good story you'd like to see shared? Email us at or find us on Facebook and drop us a message or tag your posts with #LPFeelGoodFriday.

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