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FeelGood Friday: Weekly Coloring Books from Elevated Thought Continue to Spark Joy for All

Welcome to FeelGood Friday: your local source for feelgood news out of Lawrence, MA! Every week we'll highlight a positive story focusing on Lawrence citizens, businesses, organizations, and institutions. Have a feelgood story you'd like to see shared? Let us know! Email us at or find us on Facebook and drop us a message! #LPFeelGoodFriday


There's no getting around it, quarantine and Covid have taken a toll on all of us in so many different ways. Whether you're an essential worker, full time parent, working full time, or juggling a mixture of everything, we've all faced a number of hurdles in dealing with this pandemic.

Recognizing that everyone (even adults) might need a creative outlet, a moment of peace, or a simple distraction, Elevated Thought began releasing a weekly coloring books this past April, featuring the work of local artists. These coloring books have become a weekly treat for local Lawrencians and are certainly the type of #feelgoodfriday content we love to see. Thanks to Elevated Thought for providing such an amazing way to support local artists, while helping all of those find a little bit of calm in the midst of all the chaos.

Find all the past coloring books here! When you finish, make sure to post your illustrations on social media and tag Elevated Thought and the creator!

Have a feel-good story you'd like to see shared? Email us at or find us on Facebook and drop us a message or tag your posts with #LPFeelGoodFriday.

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