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The Lawrence Partnership is a collaboration of business and civic leaders committed to building a local economy that benefits all people in Lawrence by helping businesses grow.

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Get to Know Us

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Our Story

Our story is one of collaboration and dedication. Leaders from business, education, healthcare, non-profit, and government sectors coming together to realize an economic development strategy that benefits our residents, repurposes our infrastructure, and lifts all of us to greater prosperity.

Community Engagement is part of our mission at the Lawrence Partnership. We were honored t

Our Partners

We are a coalition of leaders throughout the City of Lawrence that are dedicated to working together on a shared vision of growing the Lawrence economy. To do this, we are bringing the resources of our organizations to the table, as well as a spirit of collaboration that allows us to achieve goals of a bigger magnitude than any one entity could accomplish alone.

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Our Work

Our work is multifaceted, as is any growing economy. Above all, we are investing in our people: nurturing small business owners, designing training and career paths for our residents, partnering with leaders around the Merrimack Valley to catalyze economic development, as well as create opportunities and other innovative projects.

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