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Revolving Test Kitchen

The next great food business will be created here. Make it yours. 


Our newly renovated and completely re-imagined Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK) is a shared culinary workspace in Lawrence, complete with multiple prep and cook spaces and dry and cold storage. But it’s so much more than just a shared commercial kitchen. It’s a springboard for aspiring, local food service entrepreneurs to launch their dreams with the support of experts in food and business.  


It will accommodate a cross section of food businesses, including food trucks, catering companies, small batch manufacturers and food delivery companies.

Why a Shared Kitchen?

There are a lot reasons, including the lack of local commercial kitchen space, long-term lease costs, and high overhead with a commercial kitchen facility. We take care of all of that. You  focus on making and selling food. 


Hours of Operation

We are open for food production from 4 a.m. to midnight, with 24-hour access. Space is booked on a first-come, first-served policy. Members reserve times through an online platform.

What’s covered?

  • All utilities (water/sewer, electric, gas)

  • Trash and recycling

  • Internet

  • Property tax

  • Basic kitchen supplies, wares, and cleaning products

  • Management of the facility & schedule

  • Professional cleaning service

  • Equipment maintenance and upgrades

  • Food safety auditing

  • Member meetings & Roundtable discussions

  • Social media posts and newsletter features on your business 


How much does it cost?

To help you keep costs down as you build your business, we’ve made RTK very affordable. 

  • $350 refundable deposit

  • Monthly base rent of $350, for 10 hours of designated kitchen time

  • Additional kitchen time - $35/hour

  • Dry Storage Shelf - $15/month

  • Fridge Shelf - $20/month

  • Freezer Shelf - $20/month

Who are the people behind RTK?

The RTK is a collaboration among the Lawrence Partnership, Lupoli Companies, Northern Essex Community College, the City of Lawrence and EforAll/EparaTodos, and is managed and operated by Foundation Kitchen.

Start the application process today.

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