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Mill Cities Community Investments

The mission of the Lowell Community Loan Fund Inc DBA Mill Cities Community Investments (MCCI) is to advance community revitalization and development in the Merrimack Valley by providing appropriate loan programs and technical assistance to low and moderate income communities.

MCCI is a regional Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) established to address gaps in the region’s residential and commercial lending markets. CDFIs are private, nonprofit financial organizations with community development as the main goal. 

 MCCI raises capital, managing such capital in the form of a revolving loan fund, and the cost of operating such a loan fund and making loans to individuals and entities deemed eligible by the Corporation.  The loans will be made to individuals and entities that otherwise may not have access to adequate credit from other sources.  Lending activities will focus on creating social or economic opportunity or benefit for low-income individuals and households thereby achieving or furthering public objectives of relieving the poverty, distress or underprivileged status of these persons. 

MCCI will assist low and moderate income persons and families, community organizations and entities to develop, acquire, improve, operate, renovate and/or refurbish property for housing and mixed use through loan programs and technical assistance. MCCI will develop resources and partnerships that will allow low and moderate income persons and families to acquire financial literacy and financial skills that will help them improve the quality of their lives. MCCI encourages and supports the startup and expansion of small businesses through loans and technical assistance, as well as the creation of employment opportunities for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Kristin Wallace, Commercial Lender

50 Island Street, Entrance B, Suite 103

Lawrence, MA 01840

(978) 258-2772 ext. 16

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