Our Work

Our work is multifaceted, as is any growing economy. Above all, we are investing in our people: nurturing small business owners, designing training and career paths for our residents, partnering with leaders around the Merrimack Valley to catalyze economic development, as well as create opportunities and other innovative projects.

Multi-Year Initiatives

We have many projects in process, ranging from complex multi-year initiatives to short-term solutions. We consistently aim to identify and scope new possibilities with the potential to bring significant expansion of opportunities to our residents, as well as the economy of Lawrence.

Small Business

Entrepreneurs and new business are crucial to our economic growth. To that end, the Lawrence Partnership has created formal programs providing access to both financing and technical expertise on all aspects of starting and running a business.


The Training Consortium’s mission is to connect regional employers with the talent they need to fuel growth. A demand-driven initiative, we have identified the most urgent needs of local industries, and is currently building training and career paths for area residents to target hard-to-fill jobs.

420 Common Street
Lawrence, MA 01840

(978) 655-5824

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