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Attorney Wendy Estrella Honored with Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

In the vibrant city of Lawrence, where diversity sparks innovation, Attorney and Board Member Wendy Estrella stands as a beacon of success and inspiration. Recently honored with the Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Award for Business Growth by the Immigrant Learning Center (ILC), Estrella's journey is not only a personal triumph but a celebration of the remarkable contributions immigrants make to the entrepreneurial landscape.

The Immigrant Learning Center, based in Massachusetts, is renowned for its commitment to empowering immigrants through education and fostering entrepreneurship within immigrant communities. The Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Award is a testament to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, resilience, and success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

As an esteemed attorney, Wendy Estrella has not only left her mark in the legal landscape with Estrella Law Offices, but has also been a driving force in promoting economic growth and diversity within Lawrence with Estrella Enterprises, LLC. As a current Board Member and former Chair, her dedication to the Lawrence Partnership, a non-profit organization working towards the economic revitalization of the city, has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and creating opportunities for the community. Estrella sees the award as a testament to the power of diversity, emphasizing the unique perspectives, resilience, and innovation that immigrants bring to the entrepreneurial tapestry. Through this acknowledgment, the Immigrant Learning Center not only applauds individual accomplishments but also underscores the immense opportunities that arise when diverse voices are heard in the business world.

"Once a year, the Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards Benefit invites us to marvel at the ingenuity, bravery and grit of the immigrant entrepreneurs that call Massachusetts home. Founders of biotechs, insurance agencies, cyber security firms and neighborhood bakeries take their noses from the grindstone long enough to share their stories with each other and with business and community leaders who understand their importance to our shared economic success." - Immigrant Learning Center

The awards are named in memory of Barry M. Portnoy, a visionary entrepreneur and founding board member of The Immigrant Learning Center. Portnoy's legacy is not only in the businesses he built and the thousands he employed but also in his unwavering support for immigrants. His belief in the transformative impact of entrepreneurship led to the renaming of the awards in 2018, ensuring that his legacy continues to give voice to thousands of immigrants.

Wendy Estrella's gratitude shines through as she expresses her thanks to the Immigrant Learning Center for bestowing upon her the prestigious Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Award. In her words, it's not just an accolade; it's a recognition of the tireless effort and unwavering dedication she has poured into building and growing her business. Further proving this, Wendy, and her husband, Jose Estrella, were recently highlighted for their work in the development space in a Boston Globe Article.

"This award not only motivates me to strive for greater heights but also highlights the importance of supporting and fostering a diverse and inclusive business community." - Wendy Estrella

In honoring Attorney Wendy Estrella with the Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Award for Business Growth, the Immigrant Learning Center not only recognizes an outstanding individual but also acknowledges the resilience and strength of the immigrant community in Lawrence. We share in Wendy's gratitude and are thrilled that she continues to be part of what makes the Lawrence Partnership great.


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