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Jessy's Clean Meals and Planted Donuts graduate from the Revolving Test Kitchen

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Yesenia (Jessy) Melo, the chef and owner of the meal-prep business, Jessy's Clean Meals, recently graduated from the Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK) and opened her very own brick’n’mortar location to the public, Jessy's Place Café. After starting her business at the RTK two and a half years ago, her journey is a testament to the program's potential, the power of perseverance, the significance of community support, and her mission to provide healthier meal options to her community. “She is a prime example of how our program works,” said Ciarán Nagle of Foundation Kitchen, the managing organization for the RTK.

After overcoming her own life challenges, Jessy's personal journey towards health and wellness has motivated her to offer nourishing meals to her customers. The business is on a mission to promote clean eating, advocating for homemade, fresh, and healthy meals in an affordable and approachable format. The aim is to make nourishing food accessible to everyone without compromising on taste or convenience.

“This not only supports my own wellness but also connects me with like-minded individuals,” noted Jessy. “My journey underscores the importance of perseverance, resilience, and self-care, and I aim to inspire others on their path to health and wellness.”

With a soft launch back in August and a Grand Opening on September 18th, Jessy's Place Café offers a dine-in experience with a diverse range of healthy foods, delicious smoothies, and desserts, with a menu that is able to cater to vegans, vegetarians, and those who prefer lean meats. They emphasize using seasonal, locally sourced produce in their made-from-scratch kitchen.

Jessy and her team express their heartfelt thanks to the Lawrence Partnership for providing them with the opportunity to grow at the RTK. The positive feedback from their customers, who appreciate the healthier options, affordable prices, and convenient location, reaffirms their commitment to making a difference. Jessy's Place Café stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all those embarking on their own journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Jessy's Clean Meals

Jessy's Place Café

Our next most recent graduate is Julie Freitas of Planted Donuts! As they graduate from the Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK), Planted Donuts has recently acquired Sugar Baking Co. in West Roxbury, Massachusetts at the end of September, and will continue to operate it under the well-loved name, "Sugar Baking Co.." The most thrilling part is that Planted Donuts will continue to offer their renowned vegan donuts at this new location. It's a harmonious blend of old traditions and new beginnings, a testament to the continued success stories that emerge from the RTK community.

As part of the original namesake of this RTK alumni, Planted Donuts are the plant-based solution to your sugar cravings! “You'll find the elevated protein levels in our recipe will leave you satisfied but not feeling bloated and less likely to experience reactive hypoglycemia (e.g., ‘sugar crash’)” notes Julie.

As our Staff Associate, Genesis Duran, rightly says, "We are super happy to see her business grow, and we know we will continue to see more success stories from the RTK." Planted Donuts' journey is a shining example of the support and guidance that RTK provides, enabling our members to reach new heights.

We invite you to visit Sugar Baking Co. in West Roxbury, where the sweet legacy of Planted Donuts continues to flourish. Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone and the promising future it holds.

Planted Donuts

Sugar Baking Co.


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