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Cremosos Gourmet Ices' Journey from Grief to Glory

Updated: May 16

A member of our Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK), Enmanuel Almonte of Cremosos Gourmet Ices, a Dominican ice pop business founded in 2021, has recently achieved a significant milestone by completing the EparaTodos Merrimack Valley's Business Accelerator program! This accomplishment not only brought further recognition to Cremosos, as Enmanuel was the class speaker for the graduation, but also earned the business a $3,500 prize check, showcasing Enmanuel's exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

The creation of Cremosos Gourmet Ices traces its roots to a deeply personal moment in Enmanuel Almonte's life. Founded just three days after the passing of Enmanuel's father, Nicolás, the inspiration for the business struck. Envisioning creating the Dominican-style ice pop, known as esquimalitos, as a special tribute to his father, Enmanuel interpreted the idea as a heavenly sign of appreciation for the unwavering support Enmanuel provided during Nicolás' toughest times. The desire to honor his father's memory fueled Enmanuel's commitment to crafting a premium gourmet esquimalito that would stand out in its quality and flavor.

Today, this Latino-owned small business is on a mission to represent and celebrate its culture through the creation of delicious and distinctive flavors. The heart and soul poured into each box of Cremosos Gourmet Ices reflects not only the dedication to crafting high-quality frozen treats but also the profound desire to inspire peace, love, and happiness with every bite.

"Life is an endless journey of discovery, where obstacles are springboards that launch us toward constant growth, and mistakes are hidden treasures of wisdom that guide us toward success. Cremosos is just getting started." - Enmanuel Almonte

The EparaTodos Business Accelerator program culminated on October 26, where the heartfelt story of Cremosos Gourmet Ices was shared alongside the delicious products. At the graduation ceremony, his final pitch captivated the audience, securing a $3,500 prize check for Cremosos Gourmet Ices. Enmanuel's role as the class speaker added an extra layer of accomplishment, showcasing not only the success of his business but also his ability to inspire and lead within the entrepreneurial community.

The success story continued for Cremosos Gourmet Ices as they recently secured a wholesale contract with the local grocery chain, Market Basket, to sell their gourmet products in Market Basket's stores. This strategic partnership not only expands Cremosos' reach but also brings their unique flavors to a broader audience, further solidifying their position in the market with the backing of the Revolving Test Kitchen.

The Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK) in Lawrence is more than just a shared commercial kitchen; it is a collaborative entity, an incubator for great ideas, a launchpad for local dreams, and a foundation for food-based businesses. The RTK provides crucial support to entrepreneurs like Enmanuel, offering not only a fully equipped commercial kitchen but also expertise in food and business. The RTK team stands ready to help passionate individuals turn their culinary dreams into successful ventures.

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to follow in the footsteps of Cremosos Gourmet Ices, the RTK is currently accepting applications. This is a golden opportunity for those with culinary aspirations to access a supportive community, expert guidance, and the necessary infrastructure to turn their passion into a thriving business. More information on how to apply can be found at

In conclusion, Cremosos Gourmet Ices stands as a testament to the power of passion, love, and personal commitment in the entrepreneurial journey. Enmanuel Almonte's heartfelt inspiration, combined with the support of the Revolving Test Kitchen and the EparaTodos Business Accelerator, has shaped a business that not only honors familial memories but also brings joy to countless families through its delicious offerings. As you embark on the journey of trying Cremosos Gourmet Ices, you're not just indulging in a frozen treat – you're becoming a part of their sweet family, where every flavor tells a story of love, culture, and resilience.


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