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Lawrence High School students have completed their second annual Job Shadow Day

About Us

Our Story

Our story is one of collaboration and dedication. Leaders from business, education, healthcare, non-profit, and government sectors coming together to realize an economic development strategy that benefits our residents, repurposes our infrastructure, and lifts all of us to greater prosperity.

Our Partners

We are a coalition of leaders throughout the City of Lawrence that are dedicated to working together on a shared vision of growing the Lawrence economy. To do this, we are bringing the resources of our organizations to the table, as well as a spirit of collaboration that allows us to achieve goals of a bigger magnitude than any one entity could accomplish alone.

Our Work

Our work is multifaceted, as is any growing economy. Above all, we are investing in our people: nurturing small business owners, designing training and career paths for our residents, partnering with leaders around the Merrimack Valley to catalyze economic development, as well as create opportunities and other innovative projects.

THANK YOU to Our Annual Sponsors!
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Enterprise Bank                 Home Health Foundation

Gas Emergency Business Update


Following last September’s gas explosion that devastated parts of Lawrence, North Andover and Andover, business owners faced significant losses that went beyond vital heat and hot water. They lost inventory, equipment and customers they depend on for their livelihood.

In total, 837 small businesses were directly affected and hundreds more were impacted indirectly.  Restaurants, salons, shops and service providers worked hard to re-open so they could serve a community that needed them more than ever.​

The collective response of residents, elected officials and community leaders was immense, and remains so today.  From the very outset, the broad coalition of public officials, non-profit services providers, financial institutions, and anchor organizations came together organically to align resources, develop strategies, and implement solutions on behalf of the impacted business community.

Why Lawrence? Why Not?


But it is not blind faith or hollow optimism that gives us hope—it is the incredible assets present in the community that excite us about what is possible here.  It is our history, our accessibility, and our culture; it is innovative companies, talented workforce and entrepreneurial spirit that excite us.  But these are not the stories traditionally told about Lawrence, and so our community represents a well-kept secret about the opportunity to grow, prosper, and thrive. 

We intend to change that by telling stories about the real Lawrence, the one that is anchored by its greatest asset: its people.   Please join us in watching these stories, sharing them, and being part of them. 

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