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Know Your City: Economic Development

In the December edition of our series, "Know Your City / Conozca Su Ciudad," we hosted Frank Surillo, Director of Economic Development, and Dan McCarthy, Land Use Planner/Conservation Agent, shedding light on the progressive economic landscape of Lawrence. Their presentation not only offered a glimpse into Lawrence's rich history but also outlined the strategic initiatives driving the City's economic development in the present day.

Frank Surillo, Director of Economic Development:

Frank Surillo set the tone for the discussion by emphasizing the City of Lawrence's commitment to creating an environment that fosters both business and residential activities. The overarching goal, as shared by Surillo, is to attract and leverage private investment, ultimately contributing to the city's growth and prosperity. Under the leadership of the Mayor, the economic development team diligently works to amplify Lawrence's strengths, laying the foundation for a vibrant future.

Dan McCarthy, Land Use Planner/Conservation Agent:

Taking a captivating journey back to the 1800s, Dan McCarthy provided insights into the evolution of Lawrence from a time when horse-drawn buggies traversed the City's roads. McCarthy, serving as a Land Use Planner and Conservation Agent, explained the pivotal role of urban planning in shaping Lawrence's landscape. Urban planning, he noted, is a strategic process aimed at developing and designing urban areas to meet the evolving needs of the community.

This event provided a platform for residents and stakeholders to engage with key figures in Lawrence's economic development. Attendees had the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the City's growth strategies and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about its future. The engagement reflects a shared commitment to building a prosperous and dynamic Lawrence.

Thank you to our guests, attendees, and as always, the Lawrence Publi Library for making this event a success!


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